Because the health check in our school had aroused so much interest, our team decided to develop a product which would possess a health-promoting effect. It would for example help to adjust the trace element levels. Above all however it should represent an alternative to snacks such as chips, pretzels, nachos etc., which are constantly nibbled on by young people. After considerations we came to the resolution to bake Grissinis (Bread Sticks). Some reasons for it were that they do not spoil quickly, their simple cooking and the many variations we could make with them. Grissinis has been on the market for a long time therefore we wanted to invent something special. Anna, Bianca and Tina of our team developed the craziest idea. They brooded over, whether it was possible to create a new snack by the addition of natural food with high copper and iron levels like withered plums, nuts, broccoli, peas, spinach, beer, vegetable juices and soy.

We were assisted by the "Souci/specialist/herb on-line data base" (on-line data base

with MedPharm Scientific Publishers, Stuttgart -, which gives detailed dietary tables on the composition of various foods (including data on copper and iron).

The three young cooks used their Christmas holidays to experiment with the most diverse and absurd combinations they could make. It was important to keep the dough soft and light, and that after baking the snack would be as dry as possible. The spinach with its high water content became the cooks bane in this regard. And naturally the snack should taste and look super. Immediately, the three began independently to try out their most creative ideas. Some of their mothers' nearly had a heart attack at the sight of the chaos in their kitchens, but the team took this turn of events in step. As base the girls used Pizza dough and two different basic recipes for Grissinis, in order not to step perfectly into the fat cell. This proved to be very smart and saved us from a lot of wasted effort. It is very pleasing that the few "baking professionals" found despite

problems like too much humidity, poor consistency, or a bland taste a possible answer to our snack questions.

To develop it to completion, several more test runs to determine proper baking time and heat level were required. Boys of our team next wanted to find a suitable sauce. Here we had a choice from between many different colors, tastes, and consistencies, like sweet and sour, chocolate sweet, or flavored with pumpkins, cucumbers, or avocados.

After the holidays, at school, all the Grissinis and dips were tasted and evaluated. The entire team was greatly enthused by the taste tests.