Tick Patrol
HLFS Ursprung 2006
The Hunt
Laboratory Analysis

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  A promotional video gets the public interested.




After recieving the assignment from the local kindergarten we started thinking about expanding on and marketing our project. The idea of forming a sort of task force or SWAT- team, which would be responsible for the capture and analysis of infected ticks seemed to us to be very innovative. Other organisations and private persons could also make use of this SWAT team. In order to effectivly present our proposal to the public, we captured an entire SWAT team deployment in a promotion video. The video contains everything from the capturing of the ticks in the woods to the analysis in the laboratory, so that the viewer gets an idea of our project, starts to become curious and wants to learn more about ticks and the dangers they can pose.

The plan to produce a high-quality film or music video could only be realized with the help of someone who was already well-versed in the area of project management and film production. For this reason Prof. Steiner contacted his fellow alumni Mag. Harald Russegger, who provided our team with much support in the form of know-how and creativity. Harald created an online forum for us, where we could discuss organizational matters so that time-consuming meetings were no longer as neccesary.
Since we could not pay for the rights to certain songs that we wished to use for the video, we decided to produce our own music.
Props brought from home such as safety-goggles, gloves and boots as well as a home-made megaphone were also used in the film. The school bus was turned into a “deployment-vehicle” using camaflouge net, a satellite dish and blinking lights.

All members of the team had a special function: There were screenplay writers, story board authors, cameramen, acustical engineers, a director, assistant directors, producers, editors, sound specialists and, last but not least, actors.

After filming was complete the footage (over 200 GB of data recorded simultaneously on 4 cameras) had to be reviewed and edited.
Check den Zeck ,the Video was the product of much hard work, of which we are all very proud.