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For the film documenting our last project „Check den Zeck“ 2006 (“Check the Ticks“), we had already set up a blog that showed how we were getting on. This inspired us to initiate an online pupil magazine. When we started with the project „Stevia: Illegal vs. healthy? Students bare their teeth at caries!“, we got back to this idea –The Mutans-Daily-Online was born!

It became to be a pupil magazine with articles about the project so that everyone could join the excitement. Of course, we also planned to include other topics related to our school and make The Mutans-Daily-Online also attractive for alumni interested in the latest news.

 Harald Russegger, who also helped us with the „Check den Zeck - the Movie“, provided the technical know-how to launch The Mutans-Daily-Online. Most of the time, we communicated with Mister Russegger, who never ceased to amaze us with his creative ideas, via Skype. With his support we started to set up an online platform, which we are still discovering in its endless possibilities.

There has already been a lot of positive feedback to our idea and the platform itself.

Once a week the editors of the platform and Mr Russegger meet for a briefing. These meetings, however, are not of the conventional kind! No, they are virtual conferences in which the current situation and next steps are discussed.

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